Saturday, February 04, 2006

Finally! Kel-Tec gets some street cred

This article is about the recent accidental shooting by Virginia politician John Reid (no injuries, just an AD). Here is my favorite paragraph:
Police concluded it was an accident. The bullet escaped when Reid was trying to unload his handgun by releasing the magazine, and the slide slipped. A bulletproof vest hanging on Reid's office door stopped the bullet. No one was hurt, but the incident prompted a swift apology from Reid and words of concern from Gov. Tim Kaine about public safety at the Capitol.
Yes, it "escaped." I got a sudden mental image of Reid yelling to the cops, "It went thataway!" Boy, that paragraph is so full of mistakes. We should have a law requiring mandatory gun education for "journalists" so they know what the heck they're talking about, for a change. I think Mr. Reid needs a refresher course, as well.

But to the title of this post. Follow the link and see which eeevilll scary black pistol they used to illustrate the story. Just for once, it's not a Glock!