Wednesday, September 05, 2007

R.I.P. Global Warming

Interesting essay by Alan Caruba called The Year the Global Warming Hoax Died:
When did the global warming hoax die? Historians are likely to pinpoint 2007. It will take another decade to insure it cannot be revived, but the avalanche of scientific studies and the cumulative impact of scientists who have publicly joined those who debunked the lies on which it has been based will be noted as the tipping point.

It took some forty years to unmask the Piltdown Man hoax that began in 1912 alleging that the skull of an ancient ancestor of man had been found in England. Any number of British anthropologists unwittingly contributed to the hoax by confirming the authenticity of the skull until it was found that the jaw of an orangutan had been cunningly attached. The unmasking of “global warming” has taken less than half that time.
Maybe he's too optimistic. Once people dedicate themselves to a religion it takes a lot of work to dislodge them. And of course NPR will still be flogging the skeletal remains of something that may have once been that horse for decades to come.

A good read, anyway. Sort of a collection of "nails in the coffin."

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