Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where's my cash?

Why didn't the rest of y'all tell me we were supposed be getting paid for this? That's what Laura Washington says:
Through organizing, the Internet, and plunking down plenty of cold hard cash, the gun lobby has proven it is ready for primetime. Meanwhile, its opponents are languishing in the wee-hours of late-night local cable.
I know I'm small potatoes, but man, I figure my "lobbying" should worth at least a couple hundred bucks.


  1. I must be doing it wrong also. My active support of the RKBA is costing me money, not making me any.

  2. If I remember correctly, the Joyce Foundation and the Brady Bunch spend a lot more than the NRA.

  3. So instead of wondering why the moms she likes to gather together don't A.) raise nicer kids, or B.) stop popping out one felon after another, Laura instead wants to ban anything these criminals can use to harm one another.

    I see.

    Don't dare blame the law breaker but punish the innocent.