Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Now that I'm a real employee of an actual municipal utility company instead of a red-headed bastard step-child of one contractor, my life is apparently more valuable and I rate a free flu shot.

(Note: This is not a stab at my current employer. It is a stab at my previous one).

Free for me, anyway. I suppose ultimately the rate-payers of San Antonio paid for it. So, thanks.

I've never had a flu shot before. I've heard it can sometimes make the recipient sick.

Well, guess what.


  1. You deserve a shot in the arm, and, as a San Antonio rate-payer, I don't have a problem with it. I hope you stay healthy.

  2. D'oh! I just caught your last line. I hope you didn't come down with the flu. If you did, get well soon.

  3. Oh painful irony! Get well soon.

  4. I never had a problem with after effects when I was a municipal worker.
    Maybe it's a different shot, or more likely just a co-incidence.