Monday, October 08, 2007


Flash movies are fun to make at

Special thanks to Armed and Safe for plenty of link references and the Tench Coxe quote. Also thanks to The War On Guns for the slideshow idea. I didn't use because there didn't appear to be a way to upload custom music for the slideshow, but I'll take another look and see if I missed something.

I'm seeing a minor problem with this slideshow. I get a white screen that flashes very briefly between each slide. I don't know if this is because I'm on dial-up or what--in any case, I can't figure out how to fix it. If anyone else sees it too let me know. I might try making this slideshow again with off-line software that I recently downloaded.


UPDATE: On 15 November this post was noticed by several other blogs, and the hits are just pouring in. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has linked to it.

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  1. WOW,nice job on the slige show and love the music. The video really gets the point across about having the right to protect yourself. In what happens when only government has that power. Again, great job.

  2. Excellent slide show. I've got a fast connection and I'm getting the flash of white as well.


  3. I saw the little white flashes too, so it's not just you. I'm on DSL.

  4. Great slide show message. I actually liked the white flash between slides. It kind of startled and engaged you.

  5. You done good on that one.

  6. Excellent!

    That was very well done.

  7. That was awesome. Where did the background music come from?

  8. I stole it. Copyright infringement and all that, but I figure I'm obscure enough that it won't bother anyone. It's called "Tritone (Musica Diablo)" by Tuxedomoon, from the album "Half-Mute."

    The tritone is a musical interval of an augmented fourth, or diminished fifth, just depending on how you want to look at it--it's what you get if you divide an octave exactly in half. It's also called "the devil's interval."

  9. The placement of such breathtaking faith in Government Force is at a religious, doctrinal, level - by people who routinely deny Religion any good effect in Society.

  10. Outstanding!

    God protect us from governments with "monopolies on force"

    Molon Labe!