Friday, October 26, 2007

The Illinois Howl

The Blogsquatcher (cool blog name, btw) tries analyzing some recordings of what is being called "The Illinois Howl."
These recordings, gathered over a period of two months in the spring of 2006, have some very interesting characteristics.

Skeptics who have heard the files have said that they were made by coyotes. I don’t think that’s the case and I want to use this space to show some of the reasons I don’t think so.
I'm very familiar with the sounds of coyotes and these are definitely not the sounds of coyotes. I'm thoroughly unfamiliar with wolf sounds so can't comment on that.

The sounds remind me of that Bigfoot documentary-style movie that came out in the 70s. What was the name of that movie, anyway? Remember the sounds the 'Squatches were supposed to make? It started as a very low growl, and then ascended into a higher-pitched howl. I used to imitate it at night to scare my sisters.

Of course, Bigfoot watchers, or whatever they're called, are claiming these are Bigfoot noises, of course. I'll not comment on that. I have an open mind, but I try to keep the screen door closed.

Anyhow, whatever made those noises was loud enough to stir up the neighborhood dogs, as can be heard. It would certainly be a creepy sound to hear at night when you have no idea what the origin is.

Via Nick Redfern.


  1. NOT a wolfe. No T-shirt stand to prove it. Not a wolf though, trust me.

  2. Doesn't sound like wolf to me, either, but it does sound somewhat canine. It might be a coyote-dog hybrid; I've been around some of them, and they have traits of both dogs and coyotes, depending on the breed of dog.