Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Joining the Tribe

UPDATE: Email I just sent to Jeff.
I had sent in a photo to be included on the site. However, I would now like to request that it not be added. I don't want to appear in the same group with that idiot with the red bandanna.
For what it's worth.

Just sent this pic in to People of the Gun. I don't do poses well, but I guess it gets the message across.

I couldn't come up with a decent stance that would both show the gun and the "Republic of Texas" logo on the t-shirt.

My daughter took the picture.


  1. Good pic. I pictured you with some grey hair for some reason.

    I was considering putting a pic over there as well.

  2. So, whacha totin' there? Some variety of original "cowboy carbine"? Or is it a Daisy Red Rider? :P (Don't worry, I've got a RR, and a SKS. I need my own pic for the Tribe.)

  3. It's a replica 1873 Winchester from E.M.F. in .357 Magnum. My original range report on it is at the other blog. Here's the link.