Friday, October 19, 2007

Ruger SR9

Via Shooting Wire:
At the stroke of midnight yesterday, Ruger turned up an area of their website that may change how firearms are introduced to shooters. Rather than the long-accepted practice of offering previews and private showings to magazine writers months in advance (so as to allow the months of lead time necessary to get their writing and photography ready) Ruger stayed mum, shipping writers' guns out a day in advance of their announcement.

Interestingly enough, The Gun Cellar in Hoover, Alabama - the FFL where my gun was shipped - told me they pre-ordered their SR9s based solely on pictures - there were no advance pistols available.

Appropriately enough, this new rollout concept has been called "Red October." Like like the movie of the same name, the launch was synonymous with an unexpected change - although I wouldn't characterize the introduction as a sneak attack.

It truly was a novel idea - after hearing the "buzz" about a new shooter, shoppers would walk into a gun store - and there, in all its newness would sit the new Ruger SR 9. No months of waiting, no hoping the final product would resemble the prototypes in the magazines, just an announcement that a new gun was -gasp- available.

It truly is a new paradigm in firearms marketing.
And here it is.

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  1. ALL new guns are wonderful. This gives Ruger devotees something new to try their hand at, but how a 6.5 lb trigger in a 34 ounce (fully loaded gun) pistol is going to go over with the masses is beyond me. In the real world, the trigger will most likely be closer to 8 lbs, this will result in milking and the word will spread that the gun lacks accuracy. It is interesting that they make an SR9-10 to be sold in those dirty places that still ban full capacity firearms, but didn't feel it necessary to include a 4 or 5 lb trigger as an option.

    I've owned many Ruger revolvers, nary a bottom feeder, but will most likely check them out when locally available. For Ruger's sake, I hope it isn't at Pawn Shops. At least not for a while.