Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Taser Registration

As far as I'm concerned, since the Taser is a self-defense device, it is an "arm," and therefore should be protected as an arm under the Second Amendment.

Apparently the Taser company doesn't think so. This page can't be linked to directly. To discover this fine print, you have to go to the Taser website, click on the appropriate page to go to the C2 (the "civilian" model, since "civilians" don't deserve the same level of protection as "law enforcement"), click on "buy now," and then click on the text description. Here's the screen shot of what turns up. Look toward the bottom for the bad news.

So, not only are you forced to register it before it can be activated, you have to pay another $9.95 for it. After registering, the customer is given an activation code which will enable the device.

No, I'm not planning on buying a Taser. But this is something people should know.

And if you think this registration information isn't going into a permanent database, you're fooling yourself.

P.S. I've been instructed that this is an "extreme right viewpoint." I don't see it, myself. I thought it was more of an "extreme ability to defend oneself without ending up in a database" viewpoint.


  1. I might be missing something... is this a government mandate, or a private company's decision to be a pain in the ass to their customers on their own?

    Because if it's the company's decision, I have no moral or legal objection - it's just stupid is all.

  2. As far as I can tell, it's a company decision.

    I object to it because this is information that absolutely without a doubt will be abused.

    It will only be a matter of time before we hear a cop say, "We knew she was a registered Taser owner so we had to shoot first."

  3. "Extreme right viewpoint"? I think it's a moderate individual rights viewpoint.