Saturday, November 10, 2007

It sure makes you think...

Or maybe I should have said, "It sure makes you ruminate."

Manson, Washington:
A Michigan couple is lucky to be alive after their minivan was hit by a falling cow on Sunday.

According to a report in the Wenatchee World newspaper, Charles Everson, Jr. and his wife Linda were driving on Highway 150 about one mile east of Manson in Chelan County when a cow fell about 200 feet off a cliff and landed on the hood of their minivan.
Another one of those weird things. If they had been driving a little slower or a little faster, the cow would have missed them. A flat tire or an extra cup of coffee that morning, and the cow would have missed them. Or maybe they were driving a little slower or faster than usual, or maybe they did have a flat or an extra cup of coffee, and that's how they got to that exact point at that exact instant. And if they had been going just a hair faster, it would have hit the cab instead of the hood, and they would now both be dead.

It reminds me of one of my fundamental laws of existence: "Do nothing wrong, get screwed anyway." But they did survive unharmed, so maybe it's "Be thankful for that which you do not understand."

Or maybe it's just: "Next time a bug splats all over your clean windshield, be thankful that it wasn't a cow."

Hail Eris.

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  1. Interesting news from the town I spent my teenage years in!