Sunday, November 04, 2007

More from the collection

The kids took over the stereo today so I continued ripping a stack of CDs that I had already grabbed the info for from FreeDB. Not quite finished yet, but if I can make it to the bottom of the stack tonight, here they are.

Deep Purple -- Deep Purple and Perfect Strangers (plenty of vinyl of theirs to rip, too--one of my favorite bands)
The Cult -- Electric (Love is much better, I have it on vinyl, and also an older one from when they were still called "The Southern Death Cult" which, interesting).
Pink Floyd -- Obscured by Clouds
The Monkees Greatest Hits (still looking for a source for the Michael Nesmith solo piece "Fly the Eldorado to the Moon," which is one of my favorite songs that I've never actually owned a copy of).
Traveling Wilburys Vol. I
Two Rooms -- A compilation tribute CD of various artists doing Elton John songs. I bought it just to have Kate Bush doing "Rocket Man."
The Residents -- God in Three Persons
Bob Mould -- Black Sheets of Rain (I have several Husker Du vinyls to rip also, but I seem to have misplaced both of my cassettes of Husker's "Candy Apple Gray" and a Grant Hart solo job that I don't remember the title of--maybe they went to whatever alternate dimension that also swallowed my Mott the Hoople cassette).
Best of the Kentucky Headhunters
Dan Fogelberg -- Greatest Hits
Marc Cohn -- eponymous (I especially get a kick out of "Silver Thunderbird").

My CD ripping program is freeware called AudioGrabber, if you're curious.


  1. Those are some great choices.

    I use audiograbber too.

    A freeware program called audacity is great for making stereo mp3 recordings off of youtube. It can record anything that comes out of your speakers.

  2. Actually you can do that with just about any audio editing software, you just have to have all the settings right. I've done it with both Goldwave and Cool Edit.