Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday night Winamp

Yes, I like Annie Lennox's voice. I also liked Eurythmics back in the 80s.

Four-day weekend this week. Nothing to do for a couple of days now but take care of the kids, so I might get some extra blogging in.

The newest version of Winamp (5.5 beta) is pretty cool. It has a new function that automagically retrieves the album cover art and displays it in a special little window. If it can't find the cover art, you can still put it in manually. It saves the cover graphic in the folder where the file is that you retrieved it for. Here's a screen-cap of what it looks like, on my machine anyway. I collapsed a bunch of the windows that I don't use.

So far I haven't found any bugs in this beta version.

Work this week was...interesting. The most interesting part was that it was so hot that I nearly ran out of water two days in a row. Tuesday was pretty tough, because I did two routes in the Five Palms/Old Pearsall Road area, and down there the meter lids are these big, heavy oval things instead of the the smaller round ones that are found almost everywhere else. I have to put them back in with my hands, instead of just kicking them back into place, and my right hand especially (which did most of the work) was really hurting by the end of the day. But of course, that kind of work helps increase my grip strength, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday I got kind of peeved. I did a route and a half around Burbank High School. I had never done the meters at the school before, and they were right at the end of everything. Schools are always bad places to have to hunt down meters; usually the maintenance staff there don't even know where all the meters are (and this place was no exception). So I thought I'd be finishing up and starting my weekend at about 1:00 PM, but it took me until 1:40 to find all the meters (40 minutes to hunt down 6 meters). I finally found the last two on the back side, and by that time I was, shall we say, quite cross. My crossness was exacerbated by the handheld trying to tell me that they were located in "front." So changed it to "rear" and then spray-painted the full address right next to the meters so the next poor newbie who gets stuck with that route can find them more easily, in theory. So if you drive down Burbank Loop and see "1002 Edwards" written on the pavement in neon blue spray paint, that was me.

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