Monday, December 03, 2007

Gun stuff for Christmas

Today's Shooting Wire is about some gun stuff that might make good gifts. Just thought I'd mention one or two of them. (By the way, I sometimes use the blog to help remind myself of things. It seems to work better than just adding it to my already bloated bookmark list).

Birchwood-Casey's Muzzle Magic Foam is something I've gotta try. I've always just used hot, soapy water to clean up my Hawken, but this stuff sounds like it would be easier. I think it would also work a lot easier for field cleaning, if for some reason I couldn't go straight home to clean the gun.

The other thing is the Little Sure Shot gun rest. Looks like a cool gadget, especially if you're like me and aren't all that accomplished at off-hand shooting.

I already told my mom to just get me ammo this year. Heh.

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  1. If I can't get the navy colt cleaned right away, I douse it down real good with WD-40. It does a good job on the moving parts.