Monday, December 24, 2007

Lies of utter desperation

Basically we don't have any gun control laws in this country.

--Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign
As heard by Shane of Walls of the City.

As already pointed out, this is a lie. It is an blatant, unmitigated lie. Some people think that all lies contain a kernel of truth, but not this one. This is absolutely false, untrue, and without any basis in fact or reality whatsoever.

It's also funny.

This is a lie of utter desperation. Helmke and his ilk are so lost in the darkness that they aren't even trying to mislead the ignorant anymore. They're just spewing into their own echo chamber of paranoia and trying to make themselves believe their own verbal vomitus.

I'll post only one item of evidence that this is a lie: Start following links from there and see how many laws you can find that tell me where I am legally allowed and where I am not legally allowed to defend myself against a violent attack.

Oh Paul, you're so pitiable. If you hadn't dedicated yourself to making me defenseless I might actually feel sorry for you. But as it is, you just disgust me.

via Ride Fast & Shoot Straight

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  1. I've been following these liars since they were called handguncontrol inc. They roll out the tired old crap again and again.

    Their ploy to trick people with their "moderate" gunsaftey fake offshoot organizations was pathetic in and of itself, now they are claiming there are no gun laws?

    I think they've finally lost all
    contact with the real world.