Saturday, December 29, 2007

A morning's work

I managed to clear out the camper-trailer so that I can put my reloading station in there. I still need to steam-clean the seat cushions, wash the curtains, and sweep and mop the whole thing out, but the major work is done.

Also put on 2 pounds of habanero jerky this morning. I thought the last batch was a little mild, so I put more spike in the sauce this time. The "mild" one is still too hot for anyone in my family other than myself and my daughter, but I thought it was a little tame.

UPDATE: The jerky turned out even better this time. I tweaked the temperature setting a little on the dehydrator.

Also, I'm trying out a slightly different blogging strategy. Since I do more reading on weekends, I'm saving up the more frivolous posts that aren't particularly time-sensitive so I can spread them out during the week instead of cramming everything into the weekend when the traffic slacks off anyway.

And finally, when I was cleaning out the camper this morning I found my machete! I found the blade a long time ago (30 years or so?). I cleaned it up and sharpened it way back when, and my dad fitted part of an old axe handle for a new handle. The handle is long enough that it can be wielded two-handed if necessary, and it's pretty big. I always thought it looked more like a scimitar than a machete.

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