Friday, December 21, 2007

The pizza sauce conversation

So I've been suffering from a cold all week and last night I took some NyQuil and passed out. My wife comes home and tries to engage me in conversation.

This is always a mistake.

It's an even bigger mistake this time, since not only am I three-fourths asleep, I'm also half-stoned on NyQuil. She had bought a pizza earlier yesterday. I met her at her place of employment, took the leftovers home and had them for supper.

Eleven o'clock at night. In she comes. "What did you think of the pizza?"

What? I'm asleep. I'm sick. Let me sleep.

"What did you think of the pizza?"

"They forgot to put sauce on it."

"It's not supposed to have sauce."

"You ordered it that way on purpose?"

"No, that's how it's made."

"It should have had sauce on it."

"No, it's a breakfast pizza. That's why it had the chopped up scrambled eggs on it."

Those were eggs? "They still should have put sauce on it."

"Eggs don't go with pizza sauce."

"Are you kidding? They never heard of huevos rancheros?"

"So you didn't like it."

"It didn't have sauce."

I'm pretty sure that's how it went, and then the NyQuil took over again and I lost consciousness. If I can stay awake long enough tonight, I'll have to ask her if we actually had this conversation or if I only dreamed it.

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  1. Sorry, your sick, I am just getting over mine myself. But, instead of NyQuil, it's Vicks 44D.

    And, yes, pizza is suppose to have sauce on it, regardless of the toppings.