Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice represents the Midnight Sun and Solar Power communicating with the human spirit and its drawing in and concentration into the heart of each individual, the incarnation of the spirit, spiritual fire coming down and making intimate contact with the Earth.
Thus, on this day four years ago, Blogonomicon was born.

But seriously, I think was just bored and had been reading some blogs so I thought I'd give it a go.

Well, I tried taking a break from blogging but it didn't stick. Mostly, I think, because I get too much information from reading other blogs, and I just couldn't cut off such an invaluable source of information. As for the future of this blog, I expect it to be the same sort of whimsical, haphazard blogging that it has been. There are many other bloggers who are better at incisive political commentary, much better at fisking the enemies of liberty who are always out to abolish our fundamental rights. Although I support those bloggers and read them regularly, it just isn't in me to do that kind of thing. Most bloggers pick a single topic to focus on, but to do so would bore me. So I'll probably just wander around and post things that interest or amuse me, and of course sometimes things that infuriate me. I'm not going to go to any extra trouble to hunt down something interesting every day, so I may have spells of inactivity, but that doesn't mean I've stopped. If you find this blog interesting enough to continue reading, then I'm glad to have you along for the ride.


  1. I read what you do, and I find it interesting. A lot of us get caught up in the gun rights echo chamber and can get a bit monotonous. You don't slip into that trap and I find it refreshing.

    Also, I don't subscribe to the dictum that one must blog every day. There is life beyond blogging. There are a number of folks who keep up that pace but I find it oppressive. If I don't have anything to say, I don't post stuff just to be posting.

  2. So I'll probably just wander around and post things that interest or amuse me

    Nothin' wrong with that, isn't that one of the things blogging is for? How about some more musical musings?

  3. Blogging is for the enjoyment of the blogger; if it gets to be a chore, there is something wrong.

  4. I enjoy being surprised at what I find when pop in.

    Glad your hiatus was short.

  5. You're writing for your entertainment, we're just willing passengers.
    Keep doing what you want and we'll keep coming back.