Monday, January 28, 2008

And let's not forget Romney

Far be it from me to neglect pointing out socialism where such an accusation is well-deserved. You (ahem) "conservatives" are leaning toward Romney: do you really want to give him the chance to wreak this havoc on a national scale?

So What’s Going On With Romneycare ?
When Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, he signed into a law a bill mandating that every resident purchase health insurance or pay a fine to the state to subsidize the cost of state-provided insurance. When the law was passed it was assumed that most people would be covered by employer provided insurance, but according to the Boston Globe, Romneycare is costing the state a lot more than expected:
Spending on the state’s landmark health insurance initiative would rise by more than $400 million next year, representing one of the largest increases in the $28.2 billion state budget the governor proposed yesterday. The biggest driver of the cost increase is projected growth in the number of people signing up for state-subsidized insurance, which now far exceeds earlier estimates. State and federal taxpayers are expected to bear nearly all of the additional cost.
So much for Mitt.

So much for Rudy.

So much for John.

And what was his name now? Oh yeah, Huckabee.

I can't say "I told you so" because I haven't been blogging that long, but off-line and out in the real world I have said it many times: this constant "voting for the lesser evil" is backing you farther and farther away from where you want to be. And now look where it's gotten you. There is no conservative candidate for you to vote for this time. Not one. Of course, if you simply want to vote Republican (whatever that is, these days), you're covered. If you want to vote conservative, you are S.O.L. You have allowed yourself to be lesser-eviled right into a corner and there's no way out.

Actually there is a way out, but it involves punching a hole through the wall so of course it's far too extreme. Maybe even crazy.

So don't surprised when in four years' time your tiny corner of breathing room has become a suffocating chokehold.

And the worst part is, you've taken the whole country with you.


  1. I haven't looked into it myself, but I have seen numerous references to how the Democratic controlled state legislature intentionally did a number of things that would cause the huge increases in costs for Romneycare.

    Not that I like the socialistic plan in the first place- I don't -but it wouldn't be as bad as it is if it weren't for the Dems hacking away at it.

  2. This is one FUBARed year for Republicans, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. there's a Yankee RINO, an Arizona RINO, a Texas libertarian RINO, and a Razorback Evangelical who at least is decent on the Second Amendment, even if he'd like to rewrite the Bill of Rights into the Ten Commandments. With the Dems, all we should expect is a declaration that May Day is a true International Worker's holiday as a beginning of their new Socialist MegaState.