Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bush Department of Justice files amicus against the Constitution

News at Of Arms and the Law. This quote is especially egregious, and telling.
When, as here, a law directly limits the private possession of “Arms” in a way that has no grounding in Framing-era practice, the Second Amendment requires that the law be subject to heightened scrutiny that considers (a) the practical impact of the challenged restrictions on the plaintiff’s ability to possess firearms for lawful purposes (which depends in turn on the nature and functional adequacy of available alternatives), and (b) the strength of the government’s interest in enforcement of the relevant restriction.
That's right. The law in question must consider the strength of the government's interest in disarming its citizenry. Since when has an over-reaching government not had an interest in disarming its citizens?

Related: The War On Guns has an alert for Ron Paul supporters. I already sent my email.

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