Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The case of Ezra Levant

I spent some time this weekend reading all the entries at Ezra Levant's eponymous blog.
In February of 2006, the Western Standard magazine, of which I was publisher, reprinted the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. We were immediately hit with two "human rights complaints". These are a strange species of lawsuit, inimicable to Western liberal traditions of rule of law and freedom of speech. A real court would have thrown these complaints out as baseless, but Alberta's human rights commission has proceeded. Friday was the day of my interrogation. I videotaped it.
I recommend Levant's site. His battle for freedom of expression is an example for us all.

It is obvious that Alberta's "human rights commission" is another of those governmental agencies that makes up the rules as it goes along.

His site is also video-heavy, and since I'm on dial-up I haven't been able to view the videos. But from what I've read, it looks like he is amassing a damning body of evidence about this "commission" whose behavior (it seems to me) is in violation of the Canadian constitution. I'm surprised he's been allowed to videotape the proceedings.

Check it out.

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  1. Canada: Freedom of Speech succumbing to Kangaroo Courts of the Human Rights Commission

    Proceedings against Ezra Levant are nothing short of ridiculous, but let's consider the implications for moderate Muslims. This "investigation" will further divide Muslims and non-Muslims in Canada. It will give credence to radicals' claims that the West is at war with Islam. It will antagonize non-Muslims and moderate Muslims will be pushed towards radicalization. Regardless of the outcome, once again Islamists skillfully manipulated Dhimmi justice system and came out as clear winners. Thank you, Human Right Commission!

    Muslims Against Sharia are proud to be the first Muslim group to publicly support Ezra Levant and denounce HRC inquisition

    Sign Free Dominion Against the HRCs Petition