Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday night ramdom 10

I'm in the mood for something deep and spacey tonight, so I restricted my playlist to the folder I've named "New Age, Ambient, Meditative." Next up:

1. Wavestar -- Moonwind
2. Cybertribe -- Mystic Peaks
3. Andreas Vollenweider -- Water Moon
4. Shadowfax -- Shadowdance
5. Eagle Dance Song (Hmmm...this one didn't tag right. I didn't get the artist. But it's "native American" flute music).
6. Prefade Listening -- Jazzy Jim
7. Enigma -- Principles of Lust
8. deep-dive-corp. -- Bassic
9. Janis Mattox -- Song from the Center of the Earth
10. Trio Mediaeval -- Stella Maris

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