Monday, January 21, 2008

Just another pointless blog post

Just placed an order for more sandpaper, stains and tripoli buffing compound from PIMO (I still have a hunk of carnuba). I'm going to try and get back into pipe refurbishing. I still have some in-progress pipes from back when I got bored with it a few years ago, but some of my recent posts have sort of kicked the old Kaywoodie collecting bug back into action again. Who knows? Maybe I'll even go get a set of wood files and finally work on that ebauchon that's been sitting on my pipe shelf since 2005.

An ebauchon is what you call a hunk of briar that's been roughly shaped into the pipe it will eventually become. Mine has also been pre-drilled and bored so all I have to do is decide on it's final shape. I don't have to worry about lining up the bowl cavity and the air passage through the shank. It's for a simple straight pipe, but whether it becomes a billiard, apple, poker or anything else is up to me. I'm thinking about trying something simple for the first pipe, and if I don't destroy it, perhaps create a hexagonal or octagonal sitter (a sitter being a pipe with a flat enough bottom that it can sit all by itself).

Here, in my opinion, is a bad way to run an auction. The seller has taken a single picture of five pipes, but is selling only one of the pipes in the photo. Of course you can't tell this by the auction title, and the only reason I looked at it was because of that big bent billiard on the left. The other thing wrong with this auction is that he has a starting bid of $9.99 for a battered old pipe that doesn't even have a bit anymore. Good luck with that one, dude. Also, the aluminum-stemmed Kaywoodies don't interest me at all. Someone else can collect those.

This afternoon's totally randomized first ten mp3 list:
Boston -- Feelin' Satisfied
Screaming Blue Messiahs -- Watusi Wedding
Todd Rundgren -- Can We Still Be Friends
Euphoria -- Little Gem
Norman Blake -- Man of Constant Sorrow (instrumental)
Warren Zevon -- Mutineer
Kurt Elling -- Say Goodbye
Nena -- Unnerkannt Durch's Marchenland
Enya -- Diereadh an Tuath
Shriekback -- Sticky Jazz

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