Saturday, January 19, 2008

Responses to the Dayton Daily News editorial

This being the anti-gun editorial I blogged about last week.

Larry S. Moore says:
Re "Gun control must be packaged well," Jan. 12: The Dayton Daily News played loose and liberal with the selective quotes taken from an article on the Buckeye Firearms Web site by Jeff Riley. In fact, by selecting and editing the right combination of quotes, the DDN was able to take a pro-gun piece and make it appear very anti-gun.
From Jeff Riley:
The basic premise in the Jan. 12 editorial "Gun control needs to be packaged well" is wrong. The problem with the anti-gun side isn't packaging; the problem is the product. You can put lipstick and a dress on a pig and, at the end of the day, you still have, well, just a pig.

Gun control is a political loser, and those opposed to individual rights know it is a losing battle if framed that way. Using horrific events like the Virginia Tech massacre to promote that agenda is morally repugnant. It truly is "dancing in the blood of innocents."
Both Moore and Riley are members of the Buckeye Firearms Association. And if you don't have BFA on your blogroll, add it now. They really stay on top of things when it comes to RKBA.

via The War On Guns

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