Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Waco Rules

More from Mike Vanderboegh at The War On Guns. Who Shall Guard the Guards?
What you should be certain of is this: We are now going back, if we ever left it, to the time of Waco Rules. You remember what they are, surely? "We are the avenging angels of the ATF, representing the god-on-earth Imperial Federal Government. If you resist us, we will crush you. If you shoot back at us, we and our big brothers of the FBI will kill you -- we will burn down your house, your church, your family and all you hold dear, AND WE WILL NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE." Those my friends, are Waco Rules. They can do anything you can't stop them from doing.
Read about another case of the ATF persecuting an innocent man because his rifle malfunctioned.

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