Saturday, March 15, 2008

I think it's the weather

You ever had one of those days that started with a headache, so you take something for it, and the pain is dulled but you still have these odd feeling of haziness and disorientation? That's what I've felt like for the last three days.

We've had an odd hot wind blowing up out of Mexico, and our humidity has dropped. It's just not right for this part of the world. Weather reports from San Antonio had the humidity at a low of 9% yesterday, and my weather station here at the house went as low as 18% today. I helped my dad move some carpet this morning, then came home and started tearing down the fence that I put up just last year because I didn't think I'd be tearing it down for at least another several years, but I just felt too lousy to do much. So I watched some stupid vampire movie that was supposed to have Bruce Campbell in it, but I fell asleep for about 15 minutes and I never noticed him anywhere in the movie. He definitely wasn't a main character. No good quotes in it, either.

The extreme low humidity and wind has kept us under a severe fire warning, but so far, no fires around here.


  1. I went through about three or fours days of feeling awful and having that pressure in my head skyrocket. I was getting ready to panic over it, but talking to folks clued me in that the change in weather was affecting lots of people... it just seems to affect me a little more because of all that fluid. Today was better for me, and I got out in the yard and did a lot of work. I'm in a different part of the state, so I hope that "feeling better" spreads your way soon.

  2. yeah...I get migraines and the only two things I can tie them to is MSG in food and large changes in the weather patterns.

    Watch for foods containing MSG. Chinese food especially contains it.

    Hope you are feeling better.