Friday, March 28, 2008

Kitchen table blogging

The last horizontal surface suitable for placing a computer upon and sitting down at is our kitchen table. Every other desk and table has been packed away. We got some help over today (my dad, my wife's brother and dad) and packed up the Three Big Things: sofa, antique desk, antique chest of drawers. Still plenty of room in the pod for beds and the kitchen furniture. What's left in the house now can be packed up by my wife and I in half a day or less. The antique desk was purchased by my wife. The chest of drawers was built by my great-grandfather some 70 years ago.

Oh yeah, my dad also took our upright freezer over to his house and plugged it in on his front patio.

This will most likely be the last Friday night I have to sit and read blogs and smoke a pipe for a while. I think the forced hiatus will be a good thing, although I'm going to feel terribly out of touch since this is how I get most of my news.

I'm going to turn comment moderation on until further notice since I won't be able to monitor the blog every day.

I will be taking my laptop with me and I might be able to check in briefly now and then. Mostly I'm going to be re-learning how to use Melody Maker software, which is what I used to write a few gospel songs a few years ago. The last time I had to use the start-over disk to get this computer rejuvenated, I forgot to save all the files for the songs. Fortunately I had uploaded the pdf files so I was able to retrieve them, and I'll be re-writing them again so I have digital versions that I can revise and export midi files from. I might even try a little writing, but my dictionaries and thesauruses (thesauri?) have been packed up, and I'll feel crippled without them.

One of my biggest and prettiest hickory trees is going to have to come down so they can get the new house in, which is a shame, but I guess I'll have plenty of barbecue wood from it, so it won't be a total loss. My favorite tree, another very tall and straight hickory in the front yard, will be able to stay. I always use its shade to barbecue under during the summer. Another smaller hickory just behind the house will be able to stay also. After it's all over, I'll throw a few hickory nuts in the empty space left by the big tree that will be removed, so maybe in a couple hundred years someone else can enjoy another big hickory tree.

We actually have a lot of hickories on this place, but the one that has to come down is one of the biggest. Too bad it's not just another blackjack. At least one and possibly two post oaks will have to come down too, but then I'll be needing firewood for the fireplace, so they will be put to good use.

I'll use my phone to take some pictures if I can, and post them when all this is sorted out later on.

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