Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just finished breaking down the aquarium. I'm glad I never bought a 50-gallon like I always wanted. That would have been way too much work. This one is just a 25-tall that I got for free. Fortunately, I bought a small 5-gallon tank a long time ago that should hold the few remaining fish for now. One 3-inch algae eater, 3 neon tetras and a single and apparently immortal ghost shrimp. That sucker must be at least 18 months old by now. I don't know how it has lived this long. The last of a dozen that I put in that tank when I cleaned it up and started over again many moons ago.

Anyway, with a bio-wheel going they should be okay until I can get the big tank set up again. I contemplated just flushing them all and calling it quits, but the kids weren't too fond of that idea.

And I still have time for a pipe and a glass or two of iced tea before the kids get home.

Tomorrow is going to be a major drag. Everyone has to stay at the office after finishing our routes to attend a sexual harassment seminar. This is going to be a complete waste of time for me. Maybe at least the lady teaching it will...(fill in your own ironic punchline here).

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  1. I hear ya. I once had 5 tanks running. Granted, one of the 10s was a hospital/isolation tank. That's been years ago. Moving aquaria is definitely a PITA. I sure enjoyed my 55 though.