Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brief encounter

As I walked toward his meter I wondered if he would stop watering. Most people will shut off anything running water when they see the meter guy. I don't know if they're embarrassed that they got caught running water, or if they think I can't read the meter while it's moving. Either way, most people have this strange quirk.

He didn't stop. He was watering the grass alongside his driveway with one of those nozzles-with-a-container things you can use to spray liquid fertilizer or pesticides. I said good morning.

"That lady across the street," he replied, "asked me how I keep my grass so green. I put half a bottle of beer and some soap in this thing. That's how I do it."

"Soap?" I said.

"Yeah, you know, like liquid detergent. Don't take much."

"Ah," I replied, "I'll have to try that."

Of course, I thought as I walked away, I'm sure the fact that you water the living snot out of it every morning has nothing to do with it. It's all beer and soap.

And then it occurred to me that I should have asked him which beer he used. That might be important.

Probably Coors, I thought.


  1. The phosphates in many liquid soaps are good for greening up a lawn. Also helps to break up clay. Borax is probably the best as it does not have a lot of extra stuff in it.

  2. That may be true, but as long as he's using twice as much water as anyone else on his block, I'd be more prone to credit the water.

    Almost everyone else in the neighborhood used 5 to 10 cubic feet this month. This guy used over 20.