Sunday, June 15, 2008

The FoldCat

Ate lunch with my dad today, and he clued me in to this little beauty: the FoldCat Inflatable Catamaran. Saw it advertised in his Field & Stream, where they (wisely, I think) failed to mention the price so they could get you to visit the website.

A 12-foot long pontoon boat that can fold up small enough to fit in a car truck and weighs only 75 pounds. $1,149. I can't see him shelling out that kind of money for a mere fishing boat--not for the places he fishes, but still, that's a cool little boat.

Oh and by the way, only the pontoons have to be inflated. And they're tough. They claim they banged on it with the sharp end of a claw hammer and failed to do any damage. So it should be able to stand up to whatever the Cibolo Creek could bring against it.

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