Wednesday, June 04, 2008


First lesson learned: my pistol skills are woefully lacking. Oh sure, I could still put all the shots into the human kill zone at 15 yards, but hitting a baby skunk in the head while simultaneously trying to avoid getting sprayed...well, I sucked.

Also, there were five baby skunks that I had to watch while I was trying to shoot one.

Second lesson learned: #6 birdshot in a .410 is much more effective. Two shots, three dead skunks.

Two of them managed to hide while I was grabbing the shotgun. So there's still two babies and at least one adult out there. I already knew we had nearby skunks, because I've smelled them on occasion in the mornings. I'll have to keep the shotgun near at hand.

I have no problems with most animals poking around my house, but skunks can render a house uninhabitable, and can't be tolerated. Although I didn't get sprayed, there is still a noticeable aroma lingering in the air.

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