Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last night's work

"Only Time Will Tell" by Asia is what I referred to as The Big Synthesizer Hook of 1982. It was just about impossible to walk into the dorm that year without hearing it floating from a room somewhere. Either that or "Thriller."

Steve Vai is another of those musicians who I don't have enough of in my collection. I apologize. All I have is this one (Passion and Warfare), and a record of Flex-Able. Passion was on a recommendation from a co-worker whose opinions regarding music I mostly respected. He also recommended a Slayer tape, which I bought, and I think he missed the boat on that one. Although the actual purchase was interesting, because the store wouldn't sell it to anyone less than 17 years old. I guess it was rated "R" or something. I got carded before I could buy it. I was 27 at the time, so it amused me greatly.

I didn't buy the Asia album until many years after it had dropped off the radar. My college room-mate had it. It got played on the radio all the time. Heck, just about every third room had this album in it when I was in college, so I didn't see much point in buying my own copy. I got it years later, more or less for nostalgic reasons. Also the good synthesizer work.

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