Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saxophone Songs

I made a quick run through my mp3 collection and picked out some songs to start the collection.

Quarterflash -- Harden My Heart
Gerry Rafferty -- Baker Street
Dan Fogelberg -- Same Old Lang Syne
Frozen Ghost -- Should I See
Kate Bush -- The Saxophone Song
Nena -- ? (Question Mark Song)
Alan Parsons Project -- Don't Answer Me
Styx -- Why Me?

I know Styx has some other songs with a sax part, but that's the only one I could remember offhand. Psychedelic Furs also have at least a few, but I don't have them all converted to mp3 yet. I know that one of the Hawkwind guys played sax, but I don't think their sax is all that prominent. Everything tends to meld together into a sort of single, cohesive big sound with them. And then of course there's Captain Beefheart. I have a CD of "Trout Mask Replica," but boy, it's been a while since I listened to it.

The collection I'm aiming for are pop songs (or rock, or perhaps even country) that have a sax part. Suggestions are welcome. I'm sure I have some that I've forgotten about.


  1. Bob Seger "turn the page"

  2. Check out this link.

    It's got every song I would have suggested, and a few I'd forgotten about!

  3. 2 Words: Da Boss

    - Violence; Mott the Hoople
    - Rat Trap; The Boomtown Rats
    - Welcome to the Machine; Pink Floyd (or one of those songs on that album -- actually, I think it was in the transition between two tracks)

    John Hiatt has used the sax, but a specific track doesn't come to mind. (Irrespective of that, if you haven't heard him do "Ridin' With the King", you need to.)

    For country (or crossover/blues/swing -- whatever you want to characterize it) there's Lyle Lovett. "Here I Am" is da bomb.

  4. "Brown Sugar" by Rolling Stones.