Friday, August 15, 2008

"As much as we can"

My mind just closed a little.

Cryptomundo is down today, and I hope it's nothing serious. He has been the target of hackers or a DNS attack or something like that before. So I just G00gl3d it.

Here's the link.

Well, they promised a Bigfoot, they promised DNA evidence, they promised a lot. They delivered nothing. For a body that was supposedly fresh-frozen, the results of the three DNA samples were 1) inconclusive, 2) possibly human or (my favorite) 3) a possum.
In what may sum it all up, one reporter asked Biscardi how much money he and the two men hoped to make from all this.

"As much as we can," he said.
And in the process, will make all cryptozoologists look bad.


  1. I can't say I've ever thought of anyone with a true passion for the subject aiming to make a fortune from it. It makes sense that there'd be fortunes to be made if the proof is authentic, but actually aiming for that as a goal? It's like trying to picture Pasteur saying, "And once I've got the gremlins out of this rabies vaccine, I can market it like crazy! Do you know how much people will pay to not have to watch their kid die from rabies?"

  2. One of the guys behind this mess, Tom Biscardi, was involved in another Bigfoot-related scam in 2005. As long as it was just the two guys from Georgia, it was possible to remain open-mindedly skeptical. But once Biscardi came into the picture, that made it just about dead certain that the whole thing was another of his cockeyed scams.