Saturday, September 06, 2008

Scheduled posts

I just noticed (partly by accident, partly by suspicion) that Blogger now supports scheduled posts. So how do you keep a post "sticky" now?

Just post-date your post and it will be scheduled for the date you chose. Previously, post-dating simply made it a "sticky" post until time caught up with it.


  1. Here's where I read what I read the other day, when I didn't have time to comment.

    Yeah, Alan, you can still do "stick-ee-posts."

    Write you post as usual. Spell check it, etc. Then publish it.

    Then return to your blogger Dashboard, find the post, click on edit. Then change the month and date (and year if you want) and the clock (if you want.) Then hit publish. DO NOT HIT SAVE. And your stickee post should be as you want it.

  2. Okay, thanks for that info!