Sunday, October 26, 2008


Since early voting started, there have been cars parked all around the local city hall from people voting early. Today I was told by someone that he had to stand in line for 2 hours to vote early. I have never heard of such a thing happening around here.

I always wait until Election Day, but where I vote, I have never had to stand in line or wait for anything. A 2-hour wait for early voting here is totally unheard of.

This election is going to make 2000 look like a cakewalk. Here are some of my impressions, for whatever it's worth.

If Obama wins, it will be because of fraud. As far as I'm concerned, his failure to produce a birth certificate that wasn't an obvious forgery means he is not even eligible to be president. I don't think his win will mean immediate violence in reaction (although there may be "celebratory violence"). But there will be violence. Here and there, a slowly-building pressure cooker until something finally pops and a chain reaction starts. The "official" media will remain on his side except for a stalwart few, and everyone who opposes him because of his socialism will be painted as a racist by the media. Have no doubt about it. Eventually anyone who does not overtly show support for him will be considered a racist by association. I don't know if it will be by lapel pins, t-shirts, or something like gang colors or signs, but that is how it will go.

If McCain wins, and I still think he might because I'm sure the MSM is reporting only Obama-favorable news, there will be immediate and widespread violence in many major cities. There will be a lot of places where it simply will not be safe for a white person to go for a period of time. Bet on it.

And God help America.

NOTE: These are only my opinions. Feel free to tell me I'm full of it, because I hope I'm wrong.

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  1. Sadly, I'm in full agreement about how the results will be accepted, either way there's gonna be riots, and I've been stocking up "just in case."