Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No cougars in Michigan

Or so insists the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Okay then, Ms. Smarty-Pants, what was it?

via Cryptomundo


  1. I've seen critters here in Utah that supposedly didn't live here anymore. The rangers don't always know as much as they think.

  2. Michigan? Well, could be Ted Nugent carving himself a fresh horsemeat steak, I suppose...

  3. If it was a cougar, wouldn't it have more than one gash?

    Off hand I'd say it was a sharp piece of metal (or a hard sharp branch).

  4. Sorry, Cap, the Nuge is down here in Texas, altho he could have come a-visiting with a chupacabra or two.

  5. Kurt: If you read the article you'll see that people are reporting cougar sightings all over Michigan, and they have been for a long time. Also the "expert" says that Michigan how no native cougars, but there are "transient" ones that come in from the Dakotas, which is a lame excuse if I ever heard one.