Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rain, shmain

The forecast today was for a 90% chance of rain. So I assumed I would get rained on, and didn't take my phone with me. So here's a shot of what was right across the street from my sooper-seekrit parking place on Urban Loop.

I suppose the forecast was technically correct (which is the best kind of correct), but it didn't rain so's you'd notice unless you were really paying attention.

This is a semi-regular route for me that does the south edge of downtown, so it's rich with photo ops. There's always next time. There's one place where I have to go into two basements of Mexican restaurants that are right next to each other. One basement is used for storage and there are employees there in it all the time. However, the other basement looks like it was left over from the battle of the Alamo or something (it's not far from San Fernando cathedral). It can only be accessed through a locked door in the women's restroom, which opens into a big closet. Then you open a door in the floor of the closet and descend a tiny staircase into the basement, and you have to duck the whole time because it seems to have been built for someone who's only 5 feet tall. They put a couple of token lights in so you can navigate the stairway, but most of it is totally dark and quite creepy. The meters have to be read by flashlight. It's one of my favorite stops.

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