Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too Much Information

You ever have one of those days when you wake up about 2:00 AM during a dead sprint for the toilet?

Yeah, it's been one of those days. I was going to do some voluntary OT today, but it took a few hours for the Imodium to kick in, so I canceled. I haven't even felt up to a pipe today. Maybe later tonight.

And Bloglines has been hosed all day. Had to use my backup Thunderbird as a news reader, but it doesn't seem to pick up new posts until they're around a day old.

I've been wanting to do another music post but I just haven't had the heart. I did get the CD of Signals a couple days ago. Now all I need is Snakes and Arrows and my Rush collection will be as complete as I want it to be. This morning I watched a bunch of "Wild West Tech"'s that I recorded yesterday. They were old shows but I think I must have missed them all the first time. Also saw a documentary on Sir Francis Drake that I'd not seen before, and one episode of Doctor Who which I had also missed the first time. So that's how I spent my day today, in between trips to the bathroom. Thank goodness for the DVD-RW.

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