Friday, February 13, 2009

Mieka Pauley - Elijah Drop Your Gun

If I were a painter, I'd give a steady gaze
To a saint with open eyes, watching what her life was spent to save
But I'm not a painter, I don't know any saints
The only ones I saw were done in someone else's paint

Your white angels still fly
On the breath we spent on the prayers we cried
On the path to where heaven lay
You left us to God when you turned away

"Someday I'll get tired of listening to music," he said, "and then I'll wonder why I spent so much money on all this stuff."

"Tired of music?!" I exclaimed. "I might as well get tired of breathing!"

There was a pause.

"When I get tired of music, I'll be dead," I added. "But I won't really be tired of it--I'll just be listening to the music of the spheres, man, the spheres!" And we laughed.

Later I admitted that I might get tired of listening "to all this rock stuff" someday, but when I did, I would just listen to more jazz, classical and new age.

Two out of three so far. I haven't been able to delve too deeply into classical, except into the general oeuvres (hee hee) of Beethoven, Mozart, et. al. Although I prefer the baroque (Bach) to classical, in general.

Twenty years ago this album would have meant a lot more to me, I think. But that was long ago, and I have followed many strange highroads since then, and music like this doesn't have the same impact on me that it would have twenty years ago.

All that said, Mieka Pauley has an amazing, sleek, throaty, smoky voice, which she uses to great effect, and she has some good things to say. She is someone who we should be hearing more from in the future, if there is any justice at all in the universe. And right now you can download her 2007 album Elijah Drop Your Gun for free from Amazon, so there's really no excuse not to have it.

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