Friday, February 13, 2009

Never underestimate the power of ignorant people in large groups

Read all about it at: Scholars and Rogues » Banks forced to take bailout money they don’t want or need.

Although, I don't know how he missed the obvious, which was finally pointed out by commenter #6: control. If we give you money, we get to say how you operate. The recent example that Ride Fast uses of Wells Fargo being reamed for providing a Vegas vacation for some employees as a bonus shows one way it works. An event that was likely scheduled way before all this started is portrayed by the government as a wasteful use of bailout money, when they didn't want or need the bailout money in the first place, and their employees got this bonus for doing a good job.

Gov't says: Look at these terrible banks wasting your money like that!!! The ignorant are turned more against the banks and more in favor of gov't control.

Read this by commenter #6.

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