Monday, March 02, 2009

The Big Sound Authority - A Bad Town (EP)

A not very good pastiche of the jacket, since I can't find a real picture of it anywhere.

This is an EP that I bought at Hastings back in 1985-6 or so. I kept seeing it sitting there on the rack every time I walked into the store, a single copy that no one was apparently interested in. Eventually, I felt sorry for it, and felt compelled to buy it.

This is one of those groups that I know nothing about, and haven't been able to find very much. Wikipedia has only a stub entry on them. Their lead singers were Tony Burke and Julie Hadwen. Burke's voice is nothing special, but Hadwen has some pretty good pipes. Going by the photos on the back of the jacket, they had eight members, some of them comprising a horn section. This made them kind of stand out back then, when most groups coming out of the U.K. relied heavily on synthesizers. There are definitely some keyboards used, and piano and organ as well, but the horns carry a lot of the music.

I'll see if I can make a brief lo-fi sample available for some of these more obscure albums, as long as I can get away with it. Here's one. Click to listen.
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The record is a 12-inch, 45 rpm EP, with an extended version of the title track on side 1, and four other songs on side 2. My favorite from this record is "In the Hands of Love," followed by "Personal Business." (I can't find any lyrics for their songs on the internet either). The music has a kind of unpolished sound, like it was done all at once with minimal overdubs, but of course this is just my guess and I have no idea how it was really recorded. Mostly bouncy, upbeat and bright. I put "In the Hands of Love" on a collection of personal mix tapes that I made for myself many years ago, and I'm not sorry I spent the money for this one.

If anyone reads this who knows more details about them, please leave a comment.

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