Saturday, March 28, 2009

Never believe anything until it's officially denied

There are no vampires here:
BOSTON (AP) — Apparently, it's not the bloody truth. After stories spread that vampires were strolling the campus of Boston Latin School, the headmaster of the prestigious college-prep school put a stake in the rumors. Lynne Mooney Teta sent a notice out Thursday to faculty, students, and parents denying the presence of bloodsuckers. She declined, however, to offer details about the rumors.

Boston Police spokesman Eddy Chrispin said police were called to the school Wednesday after hearing of the vampire tales. Chrispin said he didn't know if the alleged vampires were among the student body or hiding in old corners of the building.

The school was founded in 1635, and its students have included Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, Louis Farrakhan, and Sumner Redstone.
But as a precautionary measure, the school went into vampire lockdown anyway.  Furthermore, students have been prohibited from possessing wooden stakes, garlic or crucifixes.  Such items are authorized only for specially trained security personnel, who are mere minutes away while your throat is being ripped out.

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