Sunday, March 22, 2009

Syd Barrett art book on auction

See it and read some very interesting notes about it at Syd Barrett's Book: 12 Experimental Artworks from 1965. Fascinating, and the bid is currently nearly $38,000. It is being sold by someone who knew him, and this isn't a commercially released book, it's something Barrett did as a one-time thing (printed on cardboard and bound with "sellotape").
There is a view that Syd was a doomed hero who went too far and got lost. As I see it, he was only just beginning. He was an explorer but not a survivor. He didn’t know how to protect himself. He wasn’t tough or careful. He was an innocent who tried one thing too many and it did him in. I wish I could say more – but there isn’t any more.
I think I'll have to save this whole page for my own reference. Should be of great interesting to any Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd fan.

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