Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I found a decent knife today

I have found several knives since I started beating the streets and back alleys several years ago, but so far they have all been pieces of junk, like those Eagle "Talon" knives. Suitable only for a tackle box: you drop it in the creek, you shrug and move along.

But today I came across a Gerber with an assisted-opening blade. Man it was sweet when I pushed the blade up just a little and it snicked all the way open. It has a partially-serrated blade. It definitely won't be going in the tackle box. It even has ambidextrous thumb studs. Nice.


  1. I bet you find lots of cool stuff.

    The only thing I found was a butterfly knife and a boot knife...oh and one of those switchblade combs

  2. You mean you found it while "on patrol"? Cool! I found a Spyderco Delica like that, while walking my dog. Just about loved that knife to death: broke off the pocket clip, made a new one from coat-hanger wire and JB Weld; re-sharpened it over the years til it was a shadow of its former self. I liked the model so much that I bought its current version a couple years ago, in the new ACU "foliage green." (I found a place that sold them for about half the MSRP.)

  3. No, I don't usually find anything that's worth while. I've found money a few times. Once on a little-traveled dead-end street on the far north side I found a box set of 4 Willie Nelson CDs that must have fallen off of someone's car. I put them off to the side so they wouldn't get run over, but then when I finished I forgot to go back and get them.