Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Texas as a "terror state"

Great reading at American Thinker with Is Texas A Terror State?
Let's test Texas's terror threat assessment capabilities based on voting habit:
Anti-gun control--check
Predominantly Christian--check
Military bases--check
Returning soldiers--check
Against high taxes (no state tax in Texas)--check, check
Anti-illegal immigration--check
Against an overreaching federal government--check
Extreme right-wing (according to Democratic Party standards)--check
Understands Article 1, Section 8--check
Understands the 10th Amendment--check
Rejects federal authority in favor of state or local authority--check
That sums it up: Texas is most definitely a terror state in the eyes of Secretary Napolitano and her agency.
Read the whole thing. Hyperbole? No. Just wait and see if doesn't ring more and more true as time passes.

And it won't take much time, at that.

via the pistolero


  1. Does this mean we can behead liberal journalists on Public Access? ;D

  2. Told my wife and children that we are now considered a terrorist cell since the relase of Janet2's report.

    They cheered.