Thursday, May 21, 2009


Although I appear to have slowed down on the album "reviews," things have actually been full speed ahead here in the real world. I've been working a lot on my old Yes albums--it seems they all had problems that took extra care to produce a decent set of mp3s. I am trying to find a good balance between convenience and tedium, so I've been trying a different program to remove pops & clicks called DePopper. It seems to do a better job than Goldwave at not leaving behind "rough spots," which I have recently learned are technically called "artefacts." DePopper is not a full-blown sound editing program like Goldwave, it only removes pops & clicks and can reduce hiss & hum if you want. After I run a few more albums through it, I'll decide if I want to keep using it and pay for it or not. Registration fee is only$18, so I might just buy it anyway to keep on hand.

Also I have a backlog of stuff to download, but I generally just start that last thing at night and then go to sleep.

One comment about Yes for the moment: I really like their instrumental work, but Jon Anderson's voice starts getting on my nerves after a while. Sounds too much like Mickey Mouse.

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  1. I always liked Jon Anderson's voice, but I can understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. Geddy Lee, on the other hand...