Tuesday, June 30, 2009

America On Parade: Celebrating America and the Music of WWII (1995, CD)

I noticed this CD a few days ago and thought I'd see how it sounded. My wife must have picked it up somewhere. Twelve tracks: six military marches and six popular songs of the day.

I was pleased to discover "The Liberty Bell March," which I have never heard in its entirety and which I did not know the actual title of until just now. You are probably familiar with it even if you don't know it by the title, but the version you are used to hearing ends with a blown raspberry (pthpthpth!) and a giant cartoon foot dropping from the sky.

So far, this is the only CD I have ever submitted to freedb. I'm kind of proud of having something so obscure that it wasn't even on freedb.

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  1. Oh, I've heard Sousa's "Liberty Bell March" without the raspberry and giant foot, but since it was the first thing after "Hail to the Chief" that The President's Own played when Bill Clinton was sworn in, I took it as a very bad omen at the time.