Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks, Fred!

I have been remiss in not pointing out an excellent mp3 blog called Kathleen Loves Music from Fred Seibert. Seibert was a jazz producer during the 70s and is posting full albums of many records he produced back then and which are now out of print. He has introduced me to some great musicians and music that I would likely never have heard of otherwise. For example, Willis Jackson and his Gator Horn.

This is a horn Jackson designed himself, which sounds to me pretty much like a tenor sax, but it has the neck of an alto and the bulbous bell of something like the cor anglais.

These are vinyl rips, so there are some pops & clicks here and there. So if you've been looking for a cheap way to expand your jazz collection or just a way to get into jazz to begin with, go forth and download.

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