Saturday, August 29, 2009

The day so far...

All times approximate.

12:20 AM - Awakened by wife complaining about the dog barking.
12:25 AM - Shot skunk.*
12:30 AM - Began watching early-morning King of the Hill before falling asleep again.
7:00 AM - Morning coffee w/ a couple donuts and blog-reading.
8:00 AM - Buried skunk.
8:30 AM - Began weekly computer maintenance routine (download updates, run scans).
8:35 AM - Washed water pitchers & tea pitcher. Made fresh tea.
9:00 AM - Put dirty work clothes in washer.
9:10 AM - Started cleaning up bedroom to find missing Boy Scout/Girl Scout patches & badges.
9:30 AM - Moved clothes from washer to drier.
10:30 AM - Found missing patches & badges.
10:35 AM - Folded and hung up work clothes.
10:50 AM - Moved big stack of tapes, records & CDs back to the tape, record & CD shelves.
11:00 AM - Wife and daughter left for Girl Scout recruitment event.
11:30 AM - Finished weekly computer maintenance routine. Began unnecessary defrag just for kicks.
12:00 PM - Sandwiches for lunch.
12:15 PM - Went to sleep during Monster Buster Club.
12:45 PM - Woke up during Spiderman.
1:00 PM - Cleaned out truck.
1:30 PM - Went to town, bought new tie-out for the dog trolley.
2:00 PM - Picked up daughter.
2:15 PM - Dropped off daughter at birthday party.
2:30 PM - Installed new tie-out cable on dog trolley.
2:35 PM - Rebooted after second drive defrag finished.
2:45 PM - Drank several glasses of iced tea.
2:55 PM - Let the demons out of a small (empty) bottle of Stetson cologne.**
3:00 PM - Cleaned & reamed four pipes.
3:20 PM - Began this blog post.

Amazing. I feel like I haven't done much of anything today. And I'll tell ya, if it weren't for the skunks, I'd never shoot anything anymore.

*A .410 loaded with #6 shot has become my standard anti-varmint gun. It would be nice to have some kind of .410 repeater, though.

**Easy to do, to get the last microdrops of cologne out of the bottle. Just sit the bottle upright and hold a match over the opening. PHOOPPHH!!! (Best done outside). If I can get it to not smell so much like cologne anymore, I'm going to use it to hold Everclear for cleaning pipes.

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