Friday, October 16, 2009

Work pix: Sunset Station

Oh man, what a week. I'm glad it's over. The only easy day I had was yesterday (Thursday), when I had my regular cycle 15, the Alamodome route. I haven't posted any work pix in a while, so here are some I took yesterday around Sunset Station.

Headed toward downtown on Commerce. I tried to take a picture of my own shadow but the sunlight was too diffuse. I'm the long dark shadow in the exact center of the sidewalk.

An engine that is always sitting behind Sunset Station. I guess they use it for something, but it's just sitting there every time I do this route. There are two meters to the right of where I'm standing.

Another shot of the train.

Just past the train, looking south behind the row of restaurants toward the Alamodome. There's another meter inside that fence to the right, and one more farther down where the next fence is, but in a vault outside the fence.

Around the back corner facing the Tower. Two more meters are to my left, just in front of the station building. Another meter on the sidewalk right in front of me.

Today was the first day this week that I finished with dry feet. The waterproofing on my boots has worn out.


  1. I think the train engine is there just for decoration, or as a museum piece.

  2. Do you ever use a Segway? I've seen some downtown meter readers riding them, on San Pedro I think.

  3. I never have, although they were still being used up to about a year ago. I don't think they were ever used in town, only in the outlying areas where the houses are far apart. The batteries all eventually wore out and they were junked because it was too expensive to replace the batteries. Also they could only run for 2-3 hours before they went dead, while a truck full of gas can run all day.

    The last one was junked a few months ago, but it has been a long time since anyone rode them.